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Rushcliffe Athletic Club go for gold with SMS marketing

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At Text Marketer, we know SMS marketing can work wonders for you and your business, and now businesses are using SMS not just for marketing but in lots of different ways.

We have recently teamed up with not a business, but a local athletics club, Rushcliffe AC, who have been using our text marketing system not to sell products but to inform and update their athletes.

After only a couple of weeks using our system, we had a phone call from them thanking us, they told us that they had seen an increase in turnout to competitions because of us.

We love hearing great news like this and managed to grab a couple of minutes with them to have a chat and give us their thoughts on SMS marketing.

Here is what they said . . .

Rushcliffe AC Questions

What do you use mobile marketing for?
“We use it to notify athletes about upcoming events, any extra training sessions, cancellations to training and various other updates within the club.”

What were your results?
“Every message we send seems to get a great response from athletes, coaches, and parents. We have had an increase in turnouts to competitions and extra training events we hold as well.”

“We have had a couple of athletes thanking us for reminding them through text because they had forgotten about an event.”

Were you pleased/impressed with your results? Would you recommend it?
“Yes and yes. We have already told a couple of other athletics clubs in the county about it and how it has worked for us. Even though this may mean an increase to the number of other athletes turning up to events and we may not win as much, as an athletics club we want to get more people competing and SMS seems to be the trick.”

How did it compare to other marketing channels you use?
“We have been using a couple of ways to communicate with our athletes, coaches, and parents over the past few years, these include; email, social media (Facebook and Twitter), our website and telling everyone at training.”

“We haven’t really seen a positive impact of using these channels compare to SMS.”

Could we possibly get some stats/figures from you?
“We would love to give you some figures but we aren’t great at collating numbers, we are good at running though.”

“We can 100% say though that we have had an increase in turnout to training and competitions because of it.”


Not only do we provide a text messaging service to businesses, brands, schools etc. (the list could go on and on) but sports club are now seeing the benefit of using SMS.

So if you are a sports club or a business and think SMS marketing can work for you, why not sign up for a free account today, with no trial period or contract there is nothing to pay upfront or anything to tie you in.

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