An app like experience for Message Box

We love Message Box, it’s like our child. It has grown up, gone to University and got a degree, and is now out in the working world helping thousands of businesses – it’s our baby and we are so proud of it!
However, we are always on the lookout for great and interesting ways that we can improve Message Box (yes we are still mothering it). So in our latest feature, we are excited to announce, that you can use Message Box like an app, without any of the boring downloading or updating that comes with an app, but with all the advantages.
It really is simple, all you need to do on your computer, phone, tablet or any other device, is save the website to your homepage.
This means that instead of having to go to your browser and typing in the URL, you can simply click the icon and hey presto, you can use Message Box and send your customer a message.
We have even done a couple of examples of how you can do it and how it looks on different devices – plus we hope you enjoy the rabbit picture!
Message Box on iPad
Mobile Phone
Message Box on Mobile Phone
Message Box on Computer 1
Message Box on Computer 2
Message Box on Computer 3