Customers want to hear from brands post-purchase too!

Many brands and businesses think that SMS marketing is all about selling, which is not the case. Agreed it’s incredibly good for selling products and letting customers know about your offers, but the customer journey does not end there… What about after they have purchased?
Well one of the biggest mistakes a business or brand can make, is not to contact a customer after they have made a purchase.
Retail marketing
Think about it, someone has just parted with their hard earned cash to buy something from you, when there a million and one other places they could have gone, but no, they went a made a purchase from you… And you don’t even follow it up with a thank you or a how are you getting on message!?
Well in a recent study by Registra, it has been found that is exactly what customers want. They found that millennials and maybe even more surprising, the very affluent, like to receive a follow up text message from a brand or business after they have made their purchase.
According to the study, 47% of consumers aged 18 – 34 and 47% of consumers who make over £100,000 and above, like to receive product setup instructions, tips, and service warranty info by SMS after they have made a purchase, rather than an email, paper literature or phone call.  
So although you might think SMS marketing is just a great way to get in those sales, it appears it’s also a great way to follow up and communicate with your customers after their purchases – and giving your customers exactly what they want, is exactly how you get repeat custom.
So for example, you could send the following…
retail marketing And then for those customers that purchased from you, you could follow up with…
retail marketing It’s this kind of personal, friendly and amazing service that builds up your customers relationships and keeps customers coming back for more.
If you would like any other hints and tips on how SMS can help your business, they please feel free to give us a call.