The advantages of sending SMS online

Mobile marketing is a glorious form of marketing that allows you to send big, bulk SMS campaigns out to your customers. There are lots of benefits to this marketing medium from excellent response rates to the personal feel.

Mobile marketing has a higher response rate, open rate, and read rate than email marketing, it trumps direct mailing, is one of the cheapest ways to market and is a marketing channel that is growing exponentially.

We know that you should be using SMS to send your customers messages, so below is a list of pros to sending an SMS online.

*Note that not all online SMS providers give you all the features below – Text Marketer’s online SMS platform Message Box, gives you all the below features.
Advantages sending SMS online
At only a couple of pence per message, 3.6p for Text Marketer, it doesn’t cost much and we can get as low as 1.8p per message as well! You will not find prices that low for the service we provide anywhere across the market.

Adding contacts
You can upload your contacts in one bulk group, along with any extra information you require; age, sex, interests, location and so forth. This enables you to manage your contacts and have them in different groups and sub groups, making it even easier to send specific messages to groups of customers.

Personalise messages
You can personalise each individual message and send to thousands of customers all at the same time. Using various fields, you can send a personalised message to thousands of different customers with their name, interests, company, location, last purchase, basically anything you want, you can have.

Managing opt-outs
At Text Marketer, you can easily add an opt-out code at the end of your message and our system will automatically remove those customers who have opted-out – you don’t have to do anything (which is always nice).

Allowing customers to opt-out of your SMS messages is necessary and not doing so can get you into trouble.

Message Box lets you see who has replied, all the messages they have sent you and the conversation you have had with them.

Using an online SMS provider allows you to log into your account and send a message from anywhere in the world at any time. Message Box also allows you to have sub accounts, which means if you have different shops, regions, departments or even businesses – you can control them all from one master account. And can be used from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone!

Automated messages
Using an API or an our inbuilt auto response feature, which allows you to send messages to your customers automatically, when they send a message to a short code or when they make a purchase, you can set up an automatic message to just about anything – feet up and peace of mind in the knowledge that your customers will be getting your responses without you lifting a finger!

Message Box has an inbuilt analytics section that shows you how many messages you have sent, who received them, when you have sent them, if it was through Message Box or an API, URL clicks and much more. Of which all can be exported and analysed even more.

Scheduling your campaigns
With Message Box you can schedule you SMS campaigns way into the future, meaning you can save time by planning ahead. You can also spread your message over several hours, to prevent thousands of customer going onto your website and crashing it all at once.

Extra messaging features
Below are just some extra things that Message Box allows you to do…

SMS Surveys – Know exactly what your customers think of your service or product with SMS surveys – send automated questions to customers after they have used or bought from you.
Short codes – Allow customers to enter competitions using a short code – “Text HOLIDAY to 88802 to win a holiday to Barbados”
Form 2 SMS – Want people to sign up to your SMS campaigns and get exclusive offers from you, Form 2 SMS allows you to add a form to your website that allows customers to do this, meaning more people you can market your business to.
Integrate with software – You can integrate SMS with loads of software providers to help you get the most out of SMS, like; MailChimp, Magento, Bond adapt, Salesforce to name just a few.
Mobile journeys – Your very own branded and bespoke mobile journey – allows you to receive payments, make appointments and much more.
Email to SMS – You can even send an SMS from your email account – this allows multiple people to send customers SMS without logging into Message Box.

We have been in the SMS business a dizzyingly long time now, and we have a wealth of experienced team members that can help. So if you need some advice on what to send, when to send or anything about your SMS campaign, just ask.

If you would like to open a Text Marketer account and benefit from all the pros of sending SMS online, click here and start sending SMS online today – we will even though in 10 free credits.