6 ways insurance companies can use SMS

With a massive 70% of consumers feeling that SMS is a good way for companies to get their attention, and with it only taking 90 seconds for someone to respond to a message – there really is no better way to get your customers to reply and interact with you than through SMS.

To be able to have a conversation with customers is great for any business, but none more so than insurance companies. SMS can keep customers informed with their loans or simply be used to know exactly what the customer thinks of your business.

Below we have put together 6 ways that insurance companies can use SMS to improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue. There is also a nice infographic below if you prefer them.

1. Chase debt – There are two ways you can chase debt using SMS, by simply messaging your customer with the debt details and asking them to pay, or by using a bespoke Mobile Journey, that allows customers to pay the debt all through SMS. Meaning less time spent by your team chasing up debt, saving time and money.

2. Meeting confirmation and reminders – Send a confirmation text with details of the meeting they have just booked and then follow this up with a meeting reminder, the day before, and include details on how they can cancel if required. Or reminders that their policy is up for renewal with a link or number to call to renewal.

3. Offer other services – Offer your other services to your current customers. By sending out a simple SMS message with a specific service you offer to those customers who you think could use it, not only makes them feel like you are looking after them, but can mean those customers buy these extra services from you.

4. Claim updates – Send an SMS with details of the customers’ claims on, what stage it’s at, how long it will take, has it failed and why it’s failed. Keeping customers up to date and informed will keep customers from contacting you and asking for a claim update.

5. Short code SMS – Get people to text a short code to get a quote from you – “Text HOME to 88802 to get a free quote on home insurance”. You can either advertise the code on your website, flyers, emails or send a mass text out to customers with it on.

6. SMS Surveys – Send an SMS survey with just a couple of questions on, asking them what they think of their account manager and how good the service is. This is a great way to understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

If you think SMS can help your business, be it in the Insurance sector or another, you can set up an account with us completely free. We will also throw in 10 free credits to test the account, and with our amazing Double Credits offer, SMS has never been cheaper.

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