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UK online sales grow overall because of mobile purchases

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Website visits and sales in the UK have been increasing year-on-year, and that has largely been down to the mighty mobile!

UK Online sales mobile

And including in ‘the way we live’ is the way we shop.

Ecommerce websites main form of traffic now comes in the shape of the mobile phone, and it has done now for a while with the desktop now playing second fiddle. People are searching, shopping and purchasing on their mobile phones and increasing to do so month-by-month, day-by-day.

This past March, UK online retail sales were up 13% year-on-year according to IMRG Capgemini’s e-Retail Sales Index. And for the seventh straight month the basket values in the mobile checkouts has increased…

18% increase in the average mobile basket values in 2017 compared to March 2016

“Over the past few years we have recorded very strong online retail sales growth through smartphone devices and it seems shoppers are getting more confident about checking out with higher baskets through these devices. The reasons for this are most likely related to better-performing mobile sites, with many retailers focusing on making the experience as convenient and straightforward as possible on these devices.” Justin Opie, managing director at IMRG

So if you are wanting to start your mobile marketing journey then get in touch with Text Marketer today… And if you have already started but want to talk about price or service – then just give us a call.

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