Got something important to say? Say it by text… Chelsea did

98% of all text messages get read… and the response rates via text message are in a completely different league to that of any other marketing channel – that’s why if you have got something important to say, say it by text!!

And that’s exactly what Antonio Conte the Chelsea manager has done.

His superstar striker is apparently surplus to requirements at the English Premier League Champions, and he is told his striker that he does not need him next year by text…

“Antonio Conte has told me by text message that I do not follow at Chelsea and that’s it.”

Diego Costa Chelsea text
So although mobile marketing and the powerful text message can bring huge amounts of sales, remind people of important appointments and massively improve your customer service and business – it appears it can also be used to sack people!

Although we would not advise that, text messaging really is the best way to get your message see by your customers – so sign up today for free and give mobile marketing a whirl.