Find out what 70% of the UK are saying about businesses…

70% of the UK say… “I feel that I receive too many emails”

Now, we are sure we can all relate to that statement… in fact we will all probably receive one or two emails whilst reading this post! But when we are all receiving so many emails everyday, how do we, as a business, cut through so much noise to get our message heard?
Business email marketing stats
You scratch your head, you all sit round to try and think of a great, interesting and intriguing email subject line… You beautifully design and carefully pick each image to add interest to try get your customers to click, and what do your customers do?

They delete your email without even opening it.

Along with the other 20 marketing emails they have received that day. Heartbreaking we know. But that is the reality of email marketing these days.
Business email marketing
Now of course we are not saying completely stop all your emails now as they are a waste of your time and money, but… take a good look at those stats above – you do not have to be the cleverest marketer in the world to realise you should be using SMS to market your business.

Email will always be around, every now and again we all receive a marketing email that for some reason or another grabs our attention and we end up clicking through and finding out more – but by looking at those stats above… you will definitely get more chance of that, by sending an SMS marketing message.

Your customers want to receive your messages via text message, so give your customers what they want… and get a bigger and better return on investment in return – it really is a win win for everyone.

Sign up to your free mobile marketing account today and give SMS marketing a whirl.