Short code SMS and why you should be using it

SMS marketing is not solely used to send mass messages to your customers with your latest offer on. There are loads of ways that businesses are useing SMS marketing, from SMS Surveys, Mobile Journeys, and the service we are going to talk about today, Short Codes.

For those who don’t know what a short code is, here is a short explanation for you;

A short code is short number that allows people to text you. They are used in conjunction with a keyword, and are most commonly used for competitions, for example, ‘Text WIN to 88802 for a chance to win a car’ Our short code number is 88802 and in this example the keyword is WIN.

So when we say a short code, we mean the number, but what we are going to talk about is the combination of the short code, 88802 and the keyword, WIN.

5 reasons keyword
The majority of the time short codes are used to enter competitions, and we have had our short code used to promote a chance to meet Bruno Mars, which was promoted across all his events in the UK with a huge number of fans texting their keyword for a chance to meet him. We also had Shreddies use us for a text to win campaign.

And with 64% of all consumers having a positive perception of companies that offer texting as a service channel, starting your SMS marketing campaign with a short code is a perfect way to start.

There are numerous reasons and ways that an SMS short code and keyword combination can and should be in your SMS marketing plan. Below we have added these reasons and included a couple of examples as well.

Capture more numbers
When consumers respond to your ad or text your keyword, you will automatically capture their mobile number, which can be used for future marketing campaigns. And because these consumers have interacted with you, they are more likely to respond to your marketing messages in the future.

Promote products/receive enquiries
By using a short code in your SMS marketing messages or advertising it, you can get customers to text you for enquiries on when a new product is being launched. Meaning they do not have to ring up and potentially wait on hold to get an answer on a simple question which could potentially be texted back to them.

You can also use it to promote your other services or products and can add several keywords to a text message for people to enquire about.

“Text WINDOWS to 88802 to receive a free quote on windows or text DOORS to 88802 to receive a free quote on doors”

A great way to get your current customers to purchase a new product or service from you.

Customer support
Customers don’t like waiting on hold for long periods of time, so let your customers text you when they need support, then when your staff are free they can give them a call – amazing customer support that customers will love.

For example, you could advertise HELP on your website for people to text, then one of your team calls them back when they are free to help them with their issue.

“Text HELP followed by your account number to 88802 for a call back from one of our customer service team”

SMS short codes are regularly being used for competitions, with major brands such as Pepsi, Heinz, Colgate and many more globally recognised brands using it – See how Shreddies used Text Marketer.

The reason consumers love to enter these kind of competitions is due to how quick and easy it is to enter. All the individual needs to do is text a word like, WIN, FREE, PIZZA, to a 5 or 6 digit number. It takes seconds to do so, cost 1 standard message and the consumer doesn’t have to enter any details to enter, the company just needs to contact the winner, and they have their mobile number so what better way to do so.

And the reason why businesses love using short codes for competitions is again because it is so easy to advertise. With just a word and a number, this can be advertised on websites, billboards, radio, TV, well essentially anywhere you can think of advertising it, it can be done. Easy to remember for customers and easy to do for businesses.

SMS loyalty program
Allowing people to subscribe to your SMS loyalty program using a keyword and short code, is the best and easiest way to do so. You can promote the keyword anywhere, meaning a wider reach to potential customers and a great way to capture more mobile numbers.

90% of users who enrol in an SMS loyalty program feel they gained value from it

SMS loyalty programs are a great way to keep customers happy and by offering an exclusive incentive or offer that can only be claimed when they sign up to your SMS loyalty program, means you can keep customers coming back and purchasing from you over your competitors.

These are just a few of the most popular ways that we have seen short codes being used with great success, but we are seeing new and innovative ways all the time.

If you are interested in purchasing a short code, then sign up for a free account and purchase a short code from your account. Our prices are from as low as £5 + VAT a month.