6 ways universities can use SMS

Being able to get a student out of bed and into lectures has stumped lecturers for decades, well maybe not decades, but it is certainly no easy feat! Universities are still trying to figure out the best way of communicating with students, be that to make them attended classes, events, or just update them on the day to day running’s of the University.

SMS can provide all of this, and to great effect. On average people check their phones 150 times per day and 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes, there really is no better way to get in contact with students than via SMS.

Knowing that your SMS messages are going to be read (98% open rate), unlike email (20% open rate) and by knowing that it will be delivered within seconds unlike a letter, your communication with students on deadlines, events, and various information that can benefit them, can be very much improved, and keeping the students attending classes and interacting with the University can be vital.

Below we have posted 6 ways that Universities can use SMS to keep students updated and increase attendance. We have added a nice little infographic for those who prefer a visual.

1. Reminder textsRemind students of deadlines for assignments and where it needs to be handed in. If a lecture has changed, send an SMS to remind them of the change of location and time. You can also send a reminder text to students of when and where their exams are at the end of the year.

2.  Promote eventsUse SMS to promote events that are free, or events when students need to buy tickets in advance. Include a link to ticket booking and event information in the text message.

3. Available booksNotify students when the book they have reserved at the library is ready for collection, and when it’s due back. Send a text message with the due date and if they have any other books that are overdue and any fee they could incur if not returned on time.

4. Text for informationAllow students to text a keyword, this can be used to keep them up to date with certain events they are interested in, any available jobs at the university or around the campus, or sign up for sports teams in freshers week.

5. Emergency alertsIf there has been a road closure, delayed buses or any other emergency, text students with this information. Inform them there may be delays or canceled classes due to this. You can also notify students of any crimes that they should be on the lookout for, keeping everyone safe and reassured.

6. Student loan updateAutomatically text students when their student loan has come in, or when there has been an error with it and they need to come in to fix it.

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Univeristy SMS infographic