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Let us do your mobile marketing for you – Get the results with no hassle!

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We understand that your workload can be big, your to-do list never ending and the pile of work on your desk ever-growing… But you know that mobile marketing is an imperative part of your business and brings in huge results for you – sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day!

Well, never fear as Text Marketer are here to the rescue! Grab the cape and queue the theme tune…

Managed Mobile Marketing

Introducing Managed Mobile Marketing by Text Marketer
We are now launching a Managed Mobile Marketing service where we take care of all your mobile marketing campaigns for you. After we find out exactly what it is you are after from your mobile marketing adventures we can discuss what we think is best and how to get those results.

But not only that, we can take complete care of the campaign for you – from start to finish!

Send your campaign
• We will upload your contacts
• Organise and split contacts into different segments if needed to
• Write your message
• Set your Sender ID
• And send out your mobile marketing campaign for you at your desired date and time

Clean up your data
Excel can be a bit of a nightmare and organising those spreadsheets and fixing any areas can be a daunting task – well let us do it for you.

• Removing any unwanted spaces
• Remove any bad characters/numbers
• Putting your numbers into the right format

The correct data is vital for any campaign so this a must to get right.

Survey creation and management
SMS surveys are the best way to gather customer feedback, and after discovering exactly what your goals are, we can create, send and manage your SMS surveys campaigns.

Reporting and campaign management
You need to check your reports to see what has worked, what your customers like and what is returning results. We can take all that data from previously sent campaigns and our many years of experience, and design and manage a bespoke SMS campaign for you.

With our Managed Mobile Marketing service, you are not just getting an extra pair of hands, you are getting a whole expert team with many, many years worth of experience at your finger tips.

So why not give us a call today and let’s discuss how we can help you and your business get the most out of mobile marketing.

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