Obsessions. We need to talk about our mobile phones

We all joke about our friend who never puts their mobile phone down. But it appears that it is more than just one friend, 63% of smartphone users worldwide use their device every 30 minutes! With…
Mobile phone obsession
That is just incredible. We are completely obsessed with our mobile phones, we cannot put them down, we love them, we feed them, we care for them and we just love using and communicating on them.
Mobile phone obsession
And it is exactly this obsession for our mobile phones that make mobile marketing so powerful and successful – why would you market your business or try to communicate with your customers on anything else?
Here at Text Marketer, we love a success story, and we have spoke to several customers who have had huge successes through sending out mobile marketing campaigns with us…
SMS increased our sales turnover by 30% – Flight Quotes case study
1 out of 4 shoppers came through SMS marketing – Daniel Footwear case study
Increased our traffic by 93% – Mainline Menswear case study
Our SMS campaign was so successful it crashed our website – Reem Clothing case study
Mobile phone obsession
Expensive? No… mobile marketing with Text Marketer is very cost effective, with prices as low as 2.5p per message. And we have an incredible double credits offer on at the moment, where we double your credits on your first purchase for free! You can buy up to 10,000 credits and get another 10,000 completely free! Making them 1.65p per message!
No contracts. No sign up fee. No monthly fees. Just pure and simple pay as you go business SMS.
So when you have got something to say to your customers, use mobile marketing and Text Marketer.
Stats are from a study done by Interactive Advertising Bureau – see full report here