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Sub-accounts. Just one reason why big businesses love Text Marketer

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Our online SMS platform Message Box, has loads of great features and tools that can help you get the best out of SMS marketing. From URL shorteners, Auto Responders, SMS surveys, Analytics – the list goes on and on. All this makes our platform Message Box, one of the best platforms in the UK.

It’s the businesses of the UK’s favourite secret marketing weapon, it sends out messages daily for brands and businesses such as John Lewis, The Body Shop, Randstad, Quick Quid, Molton Brown, Auto Trader – and again the list goes on and on.

But one of Message Box’s special features that UK businesses simply love, is the ability to have lots of sub-accounts within just one master account that can control the whole lot with a simple click here and there.

For the big businesses this feature is fantastic for them, they can have all their different shops, restaurants, brands, departments, whatever separated but still controlled through one master account. Those sub-accounts can only see their specific account meaning that the member of staff in charge of them can simply login and crack on with their mobile marketing campaigns and not get confused by other accounts. And the master account can keep an eye on all accounts activity and even move credits between the accounts instantly and easily.

Mobile marketing sub-accounts

But it’s not just big businesses who love this feature, resellers do to. You can collate all your customers/clients under your one master account with ease. So maybe you fancy yourself as a bit of an entrepreneur or you are a marketing agency with lots of clients that would benefit from mobile marketing – Message Box is the perfect platform for you.

And how the story usually goes with some of our oldest start-up businesses is, a customer signs up for a mobile marketing account with us… They start to send out regular mobile marketing campaigns and before you know it, their business is going from strength to strength and they open up another shop. And so on and so on.

Message Box simply caters for all.

Here is a little snapshot of how easy it is to manage your sub accounts…

Sub Accounts

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