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SMS surveys – the only way to get feedback

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SMS surveys

Getting customer feedback can be imperative for giving you the knowledge and ability to grow your business. Understanding what your business does well and what your business can improve on, will help you identify these areas for improvement and learn more about exactly what your customers want.

95.3% said they would respond to an SMS survey request 
(Source: IPSOS MORI)

And SMS surveys are the perfect tool for you to be able to grab this customer feedback at the convenience of your customers and your business. Luckily here at Text Marketer we provide such a service for you to do exactly that… However we have more great news for you…

Our SMS surveys have just had a fantastic little update… You can now clone and edit your surveys! Making sending out SMS surveys even easier and quicker… simply select the appropriate button in the toolbar

SMS surveys

Our SMS survey system is incredible quick and simple to use – here is a little instructional post

And below we have a little Free eBook for you filled with great stats, tips, case studies and example SMS surveys. If you have anymore questions about SMS surveys then please get in touch and we would be more than happy to answer them or help you get started.

Click here or the image for the free eBook

SMS surveys

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