The complete retail SMS marketing guide

Retailers listen up – we have put together a very special all in one SMS marketing guide just for you. We have already created 3 posts on this and along with an eBook, everything you require for sending perfect retail SMS marketing campaigns, is all on this page or a click away.

Our three posts on different areas of mobile marketing for retailers are posted below and at the bottom of the page, a handy eBook which you can download, print, and take away with you to have a look at every time you are sending a big SMS marketing campaign.

The best time to send retail SMS marketing messages
Here you will find a list of the best times in the day to send, both weekdays and weekends. There is also a list of major retail marketing events that retailers should not miss out on. Read Here
Complete SMS marketing guide

Retail dos and don’ts of SMS marketing
We have put together a retail SMS marketing dos and don’ts list, with all the things that retailers should be doing when sending an SMS message out and all the things they should not do. Read here
Complete SMS marketing guide

Example SMS marketing messages for retail
Split down into 3 groups, Sales and Marketing, Delivery and Notifications, and Personalised Messages, we have added a whole bunch of useful examples just for retailers to use. Read here
Complete SMS marketing guide

All in one guide
With the three above blog posts and the guide that you can view below, as a retailer, you should have everything you need to send the perfect retail SMS marketing campaign. Read here
Complete SMS marketing guide
But if there is anything else that you need we are always here to help, if you have a question or need some advice, just give us a call on 0117 205 0202 and we will be more than happy to lend a hand.