Cilento Designer Wear see big results from SMS marketing in-store and online

Cilento Designer Wear is home to luxury fashion for everyone and designer home interiors. With a huge beautiful store in Northern Ireland, they cater for all with their luxury fashion for women, men and children across the store. As well as these fantastic fashion departments they have an amazing extensive collection of home furniture, soft furnishings and gifts.

However they don’t just have a store, they have an online website that also supports their sales and brand, allowing them to reach a wider audience and sell more products online.

Fashion retail marketing case study
They have a well established reputation for excellence in quality, providing the big brand names and customer care. And to support all this wonderfulness they need and equally wonderful marketing plan… Luckily for them they use Text Marketer for their marketing and to great effect.

So we managed to grab 5 minutes with Cilento and ask about their mobile marketing plan and their experiences with using the marketing channel…

What do you use mobile marketing for?

“As a department store we use mobile marketing as our direct link to our existing customers; our main content is promotional based with some texts on store opening hours at specific times of the year. We specifically use mobile marketing every-time there is a sale, promotion, special offer or on certain new arrivals in-store and/or online in order to encourage sales.”

Would you recommend it to other businesses?

“Yes – we have found mobile marketing to be a key component in our overall marketing strategy. (Refer to Question 3.)”

How does it compare against other marketing channels you use?

“Working in retailing, and specifically designer fashion, it is vital that we keep up-to-date with all forms of marketing channels, be it press marketing, email campaigns, or the many forms of social media all outlets are key to a successful marketing strategy. That being said mobile marketing has proven to us to be one of the most important; for example not everyone has an email account, or Facebook or snap-chat, however the vast majority or people have a mobile phone irrespective of age or gender. Therefore by targeting customers via this method we are capturing the largest number of potential customers we can.”

What were your results? Did it go well? Have you got any stats you could share with us?

“The results for us is the increased foot-fall in the shop and sales in the till. We have noticed that once a campaign goes out on say a Thursday or Friday the shop is busier that weekend that the previous one. When we send out a campaign relating to our online store we have noted an increase in visitors to the site through Google Analytics especially within the specific promotional item.”

Have you got any tips for businesses who are new to SMS?

“When we started using mobile marketing we had a tendency to write too much; we suggest keeping it short and too the point. Also if like us you sometimes operate separate in-store and online promotions make it clear where the promotion is applicable and remember to link your website.”

And how have you found Text Marketer in service and our platform?

“When embarking on mobile marketing we contacted numerous companies however we found Text Marketer to be the most cost effective and this is still the case; the system is extremely easy to use with it only taking minutes to send out a campaign. Customer service and technical support are first class; staff are knowledgable and extremely friendly.”

So if you would like to give mobile marketing a try for yourself and see what all the fuss is about, then just sign up for a free trial today, no sign up fee, no monthly fee, no contracts to sign… Just simple SMS made easy and affordable by us!

Thank you for your time Cilento, we wish you all the best for the future – check out their amazing products here