Black Friday 2017 sales predication

Last year we decided to dabble in the art of predicting the future. We looked at predicting the sales figures over the Black Friday weekend, and we were pretty close – see predictions here

When we made our predictions for the 4-day Black Friday weekend in 2016, we tried to be as statistical and factual as possible. We looked at the trends over the past year, what was spent on Black Friday in 2015, how the retail sector has been doing and what retailers were looking to do a big Black Friday sale.

This is what we predicted and the actual result.
Black Friday 2017 predictions
See we were only £1.1 Billion off. . . And what’s a Billion between friends? OK, we were quite far off if you look at it like that, but it was our first try.
We predicted that from 2015 to 2016 there would be an increase of £1.4 billion, where in actual fact there was an increase of £2.5 billion.

Now don’t worry we aren’t going to change what we do, we will stick to providing a low cost, high-quality SMS service, but we thought, we would give it another go and predict the sales figures for this year.

So take a look below at our predictions for Black Friday 2017.
Black Friday 2017 predictions 2
Yes, that’s right, we are predicting that for Black Friday 2017 weekend there will be a whopping £8.7 Billion spent.

On Black Friday weekend last year, adults in the UK spent an average of £117 each (Source: techradar)

Yes we know that £8.7 Billion is a staggering amount, but we really don’t think we have stretched the boat out too much with our prediction. Each year Black Friday seems to increase in popularity, with more businesses taking part and extending their sales, and more customers spending more money.
And just like last year, we think this year will be the biggest yet.

So if you don’t want to miss out on the all those millions of potential customers spending hundreds of pounds this year, sign up with an account today and send an SMS campaign out to optimise your businesses Black Friday sale.