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Black Friday 2017 – Retailers are you ready? Because the shoppers are!

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Incredibly it’s that time of year again, it’s coming up to retailers dreamland, their time of complete sales ecstasy… that’s right it’s Black Friday time!!

Now every year sales, stats and figures are bigger than the last. Sales records are simply smashed left, right and centre year on year with this amazing retail spending spree. It seems to grow in every direction possible, many retailers now run their sales for a week and then also add on Cyber Monday. Whilst others run their sales for two weeks, some now even the whole month… Whatever you decide – just make sure you don’t miss out on this year’s epic Black Friday! See our Amazing Black Friday tips here

Black Friday stats

So it does appear the trend now seems to be to extend the Black Friday deal across the week as a minimum. Maximising sales whilst also trying to ease their resources from the mad rush of eager sales hunters. We may want to start calling it Black November!

Black Friday stats

However Black Friday still takes the biscuit, not even the biscuit… it takes the whole biscuit tin. The sales last year were incredible, everywhere you look there were sales records being smashed and again this year the retail experts are predicting exactly the same.

Black Friday stats

It’s also important not to forget Cyber Monday. It’s a huge day for our friends across the pond in the US but it is also now a huge day for UK retailers too. In 2016 Cyber Monday was the single biggest day of online shopping in US history, as the Americans collectively stacked up an impressive $3.45 billion online shopping cart – a rise of 10.2% from 2015.

Black Friday stats

So as you can see Black Friday is big, big, big business. Shoppers are wanting you to send them your deals, they want to hear what you have to offer them, they have their money waiting ready and they want to make some purchases.

On an average day, 75% of people say they would like to receive offers and deals via SMS from brands and businesses (Digital Marketing Magazine). Now that is quite a high and impressive number, but this is Black Friday. People are desperate for the best deals and to make purchases, so even more people are going to want you to send them your offers by text message.

Black Friday stats

With a whopping 51% of sales being made solely through smartphones. The online retail consultancy brand Salmon predicts that £10 Billion will be spent on the mighty mobile phone across November this year in the UK.

So start getting your mobile marketing game plan ready now for Black Friday this year. Make sure you plan and schedule your messages across and throughout November to maximise your sales. As long as you keep sending out your marketing text messages, judging by the stats above – you will have an amazing Black Friday!

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