Cyber Monday 2017 – The Five W’s

By now you should be ready, or already well underway, with your Black Friday sales and marketing plans, and with £8.7 Billion being predicted to be spent over the Black Friday weekend, it is certainly something that no retailer wants to miss out on.
The same is to be said with Cyber Monday – but why should retailers care about Cyber Monday when Black Friday is going to be so big and comes first?
Cyber Monday 2016 was the biggest online shopping day ever in the US, with $3.45 Billion being spent – up 10.2% from 2015 (Source: Telegraph)
Well Cyber Monday does boast some incredible stats, with £968 Million spent in 2015 and £1.1 Billion estimated to have been spent in 2016, (Source: Mirror) and even more predicted to be spent this year.
And with more people now becoming tech savvy and wanting to have a wide variety of products to pick from where they can then easily compare the prices before purchases, buying online is now easier than ever. Some people prefer to purchase everything online than actually going into store, Supermarkets have woken up to this with almost all supermarkets now offering online grocery shopping.
Cyber Monday
Now you know why you should have a Cyber Monday sale, now we will take a look at the Cyber Monday 5 w’s – what, when, where, why and who.
What is Cyber Monday?
Cyber Monday is a day for all online retailers to offer huge discounts. Unlike Black Friday where sales are both offered in store and online, Cyber Monday is purely for online shopping.
When is Cyber Monday?
Cyber Monday takes place on the Monday after Black Friday, so this year Cyber Monday takes place on the 27th November.
Where is Cyber Monday?
Cyber Monday has no physical location expect the World Wide Web. If you go onto any retailers’ website on Cyber Monday they will more than likely be promoting their Cyber Monday sale.
Why is it called Cyber Monday?
Cyber Monday is a marketing term given for the Monday after Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. It was created by marketing companies to get consumers to shop online instead of going into stores.
Who is involved in Cyber Monday?
Everyone – or that is how it seems at the moment. Pretty much every online retailer will have a Cyber Monday sale on, or at least an extension on their Black Friday sale.
So now you know all about Cyber Monday, make sure you don’t miss out and get your marketing plan ready today.
You can easily schedule an SMS campaign to go out to your customers on Cyber Monday and get them to visit your website instead of your competitors – they will be waiting.