8 Amazing Black Friday retail tips

Black Friday is the biggest and best time of year for retailers bar none. The sales numbers are huge, and the total sales figures have so many 0’s on the end, you are not even sure how to pronounce the number!

As Black Friday has continued to grow in sales numbers, so has the actual number of days the sales are on for. The sales are starting earlier and earlier, and lasting longer and longer, as retailers look to try and grab as many sales as they can, and beating their competition.

In fact the sales are lasting so long now, that we really should rename it to, Black November.

So we thought we would compile a list of must do amazing tips on what every retailer should be doing this Black November!
Black Friday Retail tips
1. Plan ahead and schedule messages
Don’t be rushing around during the week trying to send messages and do everything here and there. Plan when you are going to start your Black Friday sale, and schedule send your messages throughout the day/week/month – so you can get on with other important tasks.

2. Don’t wait until Friday
Black Friday is now much more than just one super sale day, it’s Black November! So start your sale early and get the ball rolling and those early sales in… The early bird catches the worm as the saying goes.

3. Send plenty of messages
Don’t just send one message on the Friday! Customers want to hear about your sales, they are actively and rapidly looking for the best deals and what businesses are offering. So send plenty of messages throughout the week/month to let them know what you have on offer. With so many sales on it will be easy for customers to forget, so gentle SMS messages with offers is more than welcome.

4. Segment your messages
The more relevant your messages are, the more response you will get. Women won’t want to know about the Men’s shoe sale you have got on. So segment your customer base into sex, age, interests etc. Whatever will help you send relevant messages to your customers.

5. Spread your messages
Mobile marketing has amazing response rates, so if you are sending out a big amount of messages, you should probably spread that send over a period of time so your website, store or phone lines do not get completely jammed and stutter to a halt. We have a great spread send feature that allows you to do this – read here.

6. Make sure you say who you are!
It sounds like an obvious one but make sure you set your Sender ID to your business name so the customer knows exactly who the text message is from. Also make sure you add a link to your website in your message so customers can easily click straight onto your website.

7. Don’t forget Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday is a huge day for retail sales and it is not be forgotten and missed. So make sure you send out a Cyber Monday message as well, last chance to grab those sales!

8. Check, test, test and check again
Whatever you do make sure you spellcheck and send yourself the message first. You don’t want any unfortunate mistakes being sent out, so triple check everything, send to another coworker to test as well.

If you follow these 8 Black Friday retail marketing tips then we are sure you will have a fantastic Black Friday and Black November. If you haven’t signed up for your account yet, it’s completely free and our messages are the lowest on the market – so enjoy and have a great Black Friday!