Cos it’s the most mobileful time of the year – Xmas marketing tactics

The reindeer are getting ready, the elves are working overtime and the festive Christmas jumpers are getting sewn – it must be Christmas time!
When it comes to December and marketing your business, it can be hard to keep all the festive plates spinning with so much going on – Christmas parties, staff bonuses, holidays, presents and where are the in-laws going to sleep!?
Well, marketing your business certainly doesn’t have to be one of those on your list, as with mobile marketing and Text Marketer – you can plan and take care of December in minutes.
With everybody here, there and everywhere over December, mobile marketing is definitely the best way to contact/promote your business, services, products or sales to your customers. Your customers might not be at work or at home, but whatever they are doing, you can guarantee they will have their mobile with them.
Festive Christmas marketing
Which is exactly why, 95% of businesses see the festive period as an opportunity to target their customers via their mobile. The mobile has grown and grown in its dominance of the marketing sector, with now so many people surfing the internet and purchasing through their mobile phone – it would be perhaps foolish to advertise to your customers on anything else.

Black Friday week 2017 – The mobile phone was the device most used by consumers for online shopping with a whopping 41%… overtaking desktop computers at 38%.

So it certainly looks like it is going to be the most mobileful time of the year – please sing in tune.
And with this in mind we have some festive Christmas tips for you… and not just about keeping the chocolate tin away from Dad.
Plan ahead
With staff taking days off, Christmas parties and weekends, plus the general workload – it usually gets very congested in December. However plan your days and using our schedule send tool, set your mobile marketing campaigns and sit back and relax. Friday’s are always a good day to send, so get some campaigns queued up and get the job ticked off your to-do list.
Don’t be afraid
This is the time of year of joy and happiness, but also a time of year of shopping and family activities. So people want to hear about your offers, or if you have something special on that the whole family would enjoy – whether it be a nice sit down meal, a pop-up ice rink or just a Christmas sale, don’t be afraid to let your customers know with a text message.
Don’t just sell sell sell
Send updates about their purchases and when they will be delivered, thank them for their purchases. Be human, show a nice human side to your business. Wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, offer a free cup of mulled wine… don’t just concentrate purely on selling to your customers, show some festive spirit and joy.
And last of all… have fun and a fanatic Christmas. From everyone here at Text Marketer – we wish you all a wonderful Christmas.