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Wow your customers with our amazing new SMS Web Pages

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We are extremely excited about our latest service here at Text Marketer as we really do think, this is a huge game changer! A product that you and your customers will really, really, really love!

There has always been this war between email marketing and SMS marketing. People weigh up the positives and negatives and then look at their response rates etc. and generally they end up doing a bit of both. Email marketing of course has lovely images that can capture your customers imagination. However the open rate and response rates are so poor with email marketing that your customers are highly unlikely to even see your nice images.

Whereas SMS marketing is the complete opposite. You can almost guarantee every customer will see and read your message, pretty much instantly. However the message is purely text, so no nice images to entice in your customers to your products or services. Well we here at Text Marketer have basically combined the two… drum roll please…

Introducing SMS Web Pages
Get the amazing response and open rates that SMS has to offer, combined with a completely bespoke designed SMS Web Landing Page for you to wow your customers with.

And of course with everything Text Marketer, it’s simple and easy to use. Quick – nothing to download or install. And of course… Low Cost!

It’s so easy to use we have got it down to 6 easy steps until your customer has it on their mobile phone…

1 – Select your desired template
2 – Upload your images and write your text
3 – Change your background colour of your SMS Web Page
4 – Change font style, size or colour
5 – Add a call to action button
6 – Preview and press send – easy peasy lemon squeezie!!!

Here are a couple of screenshots to wet your appetite – but for a full instructional guide please click here.

SMS Web Pages

SMS Web Pages

So why not start wow’ing your customers with our beautiful SMS Web Pages. Sign up today in minutes for free and with no contracts to sign – you would be a fool not to give it a go!

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