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Star Cars Birmingham get 11,200 clicks using SMS Web Pages

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Star Cars Birmingham are a leading taxi firm based in Birmingham. They have a huge loyal customer base and use the latest technology along with great customer service to provide a great service.

Star Cars

Star Cars Birmingham wanted to text all its customer and inform them of their fares over the Christmas and New Year period, along with getting people to enter a competition where they could win a brand-new iPhone 8, and if possible get people to download their app on both Android and Apple store.

To get all of this into one text message would have been impossible, but lucky for them we had just released our brand-new feature SMS Web Pages into Message Box. SMS Web Pages allows customers to build a SMS landing page with multiple images and more text than they could get into one text message.

Star Cars saw a great opportunity to use our new SMS Web Pages tool to create a simple but effective SMS landing page that ticked all the boxes. And we managed to talk with Star Cars on how they found using the new feature and what results they got from it – here is what they said.

What did you like about the new feature?
“Everything – it was really simple to get to grips with, it took me less then 15 minutes to master it, adding various images, text and a call to action button.

I really like how when you create your page, you can then change the layout and all the images and text stay on the page, meaning I didn’t have to start again if I wanted a different layout.”

How does it compare to sending a normal SMS message?
“What I find a lot of the time is I can’t get all the information I need into one text message, probably because I want to put a lot of information in, but using this I found that I could add all the information I needed to the page, meaning I have more space in the actual text message to write something compelling.”

What were your results? Did it go well? Have you got any stats you could share with us?
“Yes, it went really well, we got a great response from it – much better than our email campaign we did.

We sent an email campaign out and only got 70 or so clicks, when we sent the text message out we got 11,200 clicks – so only slightly more than email!!!

We also saw a significant increase in downloads of our app on both the Apple store and the Android store – sorry I don’t know exactly how many.

On the actual SMS web page, we had over 550 people click the button to win the iPhone 8 and managed to capture around 200 emails address because of it.

We were also really busy over the Christmas and New Year period and can only assume this was aided by our SMS campaign.”

How have you found Text Marketer in service and our platform?
“We have been with Text Marketer for nearly a year now and we love the platform and service that we get. We have never had a problem with the system or when sending lots of single text messages out.

The platform is really easy to use, uploading contacts into different groups is so simple and sending a message takes about 2 minutes, if that.

We love the analytics section and use it regularly to see how our campaigns have gone down and which numbers are no longer active.

Basically, we love it – thanks for a great system.”


We would like to thank Star Cars Birmingham for their time and if you are in, or around Birmingham and need a taxi, then give them a call or visit their website.

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