The quickest and easiest way to get your software sending SMS messages

“Jack of all trades, master of none”
Is a saying that gets banded about when you try and take on too much, when you try to do too many things and never quite master one thing. And when it comes to your software and platform, you want to put all your time and effort into making exactly what your customers are using your software for and master it.
But to improve your software and platform you might need to add bits and bobs that make your platform more complete, things that help your customers get the most out of it and ultimately give your software the edge against your competition.
And this is where Text Marketer can come in… Building an SMS solution is very complicated, very time consuming and very expensive – trust us, we know!! However with our amazing API, you can integrate our powerful SMS solution into your software and platform – quickly and easily!
No complicated things to learn, expensive highly technical developers to hire, message networks to price up and route… simply plugin in our gateway and let your customers send straight from your platform. Below are just some of the software providers we integrate with or supply SMS too – more details here
Software SMS plugin
Now once the integration is in place there are two ways this can be managed…
We take care of all customer accounts and billing
So once your integration is put in place, you can direct your customers to Text Marketer to sign up for their free account. They will then receive their API account details that they will then just simply enter their details into your SMS section within your software.
Moving forward we bill them directly and we take care of everything for you. So nothing to worry about regarding SMS – we take care of it all and give you peace of mind without adding to your workload.
You handle the accounts and billing
Some software businesses choose to take care of the billing themselves as they want to hide the fact their SMS solution is coming from an external party, we have absolutely no problem with that. We charge your business a flat rate price per SMS depending on volumes, and you would then charge your customers for their SMS messages at a price you want.
Both ways are fine by us and both ways are a great, efficient, low cost way to provide your software and platform with an SMS solution that your customers will love, and giving you the edge against your competition.
If you would like to discuss integrating your software with our SMS solution please email