Form-2-SMS – the easiest way to get opt-ins

With the new GDPR rules coming into play soon, we have had many brands and businesses ask us ways that they can grab and collect their customers opted-in data easily and quickly. And our answer is yes, we have many different ways you can do this, but one way we think is particularly good, is our free Form-2-SMS product.

Form-2-SMS works in the exact same way as the ‘Sign up to our Newsletter’ fields that you see on websites, but instead of providing an email they are giving you their mobile number to sign up for your mobile marketing messages.

When 98% of all text messages get read and only 22% of emails – you are better off collecting their mobile phone number.

So first off you will need to sign up for your free Text Marketer mobile marketing account – then once you have done that, login to your Message Box account.
And at the top right of your screen you have your account details in your account profile dropdown. Select this and then you will then need to click the Form-2-SMS tab, and then you will be taken to the screen below.

You can have many Form-2-SMS fields on your website for different things, so in the name section put what the form will be related to. The Sender ID section is who the message will be from, most people put their business or brand name to let their customers know it’s them that is texting them.
Select add to group and the contact group name, this will automatically put the customer into your contact group.

The submit per IP section is to reduce any spamming of your field on your website. The number relates to how many times a single IP address can submit to that from per day.

Then simply write the message you want to be sent out to every customer that signs up to your mobile messages via the form on your website – then simply click save.

To test your form, simply enter your mobile phone details and name, and click submit. You will then receive the message exactly how your customers will when the submit via the form.

Then all you need to do is copy the code of the form and then paste onto your website – hey presto opted-in customers mobile phone numbers. Sit back and watch your list grow and grow. Remember to keep your message credits topped up as although the Form-2-SMS product is free you will still have to pay for the messages that it sends out.