8 ways you can use SMS Web Pages

When we released SMS Web Pages we were so excited and eager to see what people thought of it, we could see the endless possibilities that it could be used for to enhance your business marketing plans. We knew you guys would love it, but not just because of how it would increase your response rates, but also how easy it is to use and how great they look!

In just a few weeks of it going live, it had amassed well over a hundred landing pages with a whole variety of pages and some great design work – you guys really are rather good.

We have already had some great comments passed onto our account managers and even a case study – This customer managed to amass 11,200 clicks thanks to SMS Web Pages.

Every day we seem to get more and more people creating and sending an SMS Web Page, with new ideas flooding in that not even we had thought of.
So to help those who may be a little stuck with what you can do with SMS Web Pages here are our top 8 ways that businesses can use SMS Web Pages and get more clicks, purchases, and ultimately happier customers.

8 ways SMS Web Pages
1. Promote a new product or service
The first idea is the one we have seen the most and one of the main reasons we created it. SMS Web Pages is perfect for selling a new product. Nothing works better at selling a new Summer dress, or pair of football boots, than a nice sharp image of it.

You could have a big image of the dress at the top of the page, the price below, then two smaller images below with models wearing it, with a ‘Buy Me Now’ link at the bottom – simple but effective.

Or if you would prefer to give your customers some options, you could use the two smaller images to sell different products, maybe a pair of shoes and a hat, something similar but relevant to your initial image. This would give your customers options on what they like and by including separate links to these products they wouldn’t need to go onto your website and search for them, simply just click the image.

2. Promote an up and coming event
Have you got tickets to a festival you need to sell? Or simply just a night that you want customers to buy tickets for? By creating a simple landing page with a big image at the top of your festival or night club, a bit of information on when, where, who is playing, how much the tickets are and how they can buy the tickets, is a great way to sell out.

You could even include a little competition where people could click a link to win free tickets, or upgrade their tickets to VIP.

3. Give customers extra information
We know it can be hard to include all the information you want into one text, and sometime even four texts won’t give you enough. With SMS Web Pages you can add as much text as you want, with headers and sub headers – it is much cleaner to have all the information you need on a landing page than in a text.

We had one customer use it to inform their customers about the taxi fares over the festive period. When they would be running, the increased fare and how they could book a taxi either through their app, website or calling them.

4. Promote a sale
Spring Sale, Summer Sale, Black Friday Sale – any sale is perfect for SMS Web Pages. You could have a big title and image of what the sale is, a bit of a description of the sale and how to claim it, then maybe two more smaller images of example products customers could purchase at the sale price with links going directly to those products.

5. Use as a voucher
If you want people to come to your bar or restaurant on a certain night, maybe when it is quiet, send them an SMS with a voucher in where they could use it to get 20% off a meal or a free dessert by simply showing you the voucher at the end of their meal.

With some lovely images of your food, then a button at the bottom where people can book a table. Sending the message at the right time when people are hungry, will really get their mouths watering and your tables fully booked.

6. Sell a holiday
Nothing works better for wanting to go on holiday than seeing a nice, warm, sunny beach, with blue waves and a clear sky – see even just describing it sounds great.

With SMS Web Pages you can include a lovely big image of a sunny beach along with a description and price of the holiday. This will entice you customers to click the link, and get looking at holidays on your website.

7. Remind customers
Remind customers of their debts, MOT due date, dentist appointments and more. With a simple unique SMS message then a link to an SMS Web Page with details on what they need to do to repay the debt, or how to book an MOT appointment with a link to the corresponding page.

Images can enforce the message you are getting across whilst also allowing you to get more of the important text across too.

8. Promote a job role
SMS Web Page is a great way to promote a job or multiple jobs at the same time. By having your company logo at the top of the page, then the job title, location, wage, and job description below, you could include several jobs that are similar for people to browse.

This would mean you would be able to send this to a bigger batch of people, and because you are not just telling people about one job at a time, you are giving them a couple of options to pick from, there will be a higher chance of them getting in contact with you about one of the opportunities.

These are just 8 of the many ways that business can use SMS and we are sure that you have already thought of more exciting ways to use it.
If you haven’t already tried out our SMS Web Pages feature, sign up to a free account today and test it for yourself.