Forces Money get 4 times higher response rate with text marketing

Forces Money is a UK based military tax refund specialist owned and ran by ex-military personnel. Situated in Bristol the company has gone from strength to strength over the past three years and has reclaimed over £6 million in the form of tax refunds.

Forces Money have been with Text Marketer using SMS for almost 2 years now, helping military personnel with their tax reclaims.

We love hearing how our customers are using SMS to its fullest and getting some great results from it. So we got in contact with them and managed to sit down for a 5 minute chat about how they are using SMS and how they are finding it.

Here is what they said . . .

What do you use mobile marketing for?
“First and foremost, we use mobile marketing to target military personnel and inform them about our tax rebate services. In addition, we also rely on such communication to chase essential paperwork and to update clients as to the progression of their claim.”

Would you recommend it to other businesses?
“We would wholly recommend Text Marketer to other businesses looking for a simple and cost-effective solution to direct marketing.”

How does it compare against other marketing channels you use?
“The results obtained from our text marketing campaigns always present a significantly larger response rate from our clients than our other email initiatives.”

What were your results? Did it go well? Have you got any stats you could share with us? 
“For email based campaigns we can usually expect around a 5% response rate. Alternatively, for text messages this statistic is consistently around 25%. The integration of text messages within our marketing strategy has allowed us to employ an additional two members of staff to process the amount of new leads.”

Have you got any tips for businesses who are new to SMS?
“In short terms, make sure you have the right to text someone before pressing send! Text Marketer is a very powerful tool but must be used wisely for optimum results.”

And how have you found Text Marketer in service and our platform?
“We’ve been using Text Marketer for almost two years, due to the ease and effectiveness of campaign implementation, it has never been necessary to pursue an alternative provider. We are yet to experience any technical issues and in terms of pricing the product is highly competitive for the results attained.”

So, if like Forces Money, you are using email and want to get a 4 times higher response rate, sign up with a free account today and get 10 free credits to test with. There are no contracts, monthly fees, just a great platform to send low cost SMS.