Retail SMS Web Pages – the best way to land those sales

We are always looking for new ways to get more sales, either by improving our existing marketing, or by trying new marketing channels.
Hopefully you already know how powerful and successful mobile marketing is, and are already well into your mobile marketing adventures, heaping huge rewards and well on your way to becoming a mobile marketing expert. If not here are some 2018 marketing stats that you should take a look at. Also you might want to checkout some of our case studies – click here.
So mobile marketing is the perfect solution for retail to make those all important sales – we are all agreed, in the words of Stevie Wonder, signed, sealed and delivered.
However what if we told you, that our new product SMS Web Pages, makes mobile marketing even better!? You wouldn’t believe us right?
Well take a look at the great ways that SMS Web Pages could be used for retailers and try them for yourself…
New product launch
Got an amazing new product that you want to shout from the hills about? Then send it out via an SMS Web Page, jam it full of great images and carefully written text with a big ‘Buy Now’ button – watch the sales roll in…
Retail SMS web pages marketing
Promote your sale
Got an end of season sale on? Then letting your customers know by SMS Web Pages is the perfect way to tell them…
Retail SMS web pages marketing
New shop opening
Announce important information like a new store or department with beautiful images…

“Grand opening! Come and see our amazing brand new shop today – take a sneak peak here”

Why not make it a gif?
Jazz up your SMS Web Pages with some snazzy gifs to really catch the attention of your customers…
Retail marketing SMS web pages
Just some of the great ways that retailers can use the power of SMS Web Pages to their advantage – have some fun, make them look great and get in those all important sales.