SMS Web Pages Guide – The perfect landing page

Our new service SMS Web Pages is causing a huge stir in the business marketing world, easy to use, low cost and massively effective… Grabbing huge response rate numbers for customers – it’s no wonder why people are loving it!
Sending out your own bespoke mobile landing pages, filled with your beautiful images, big catchy headlines and call to action buttons, SMS Web Pages are perfect for getting information to your customers about products, sales, services, news… Anything and everything.
There is no way around it, SMS Web Pages is great for selling. Whether that be new products or promoting a sale. However there is much more to SMS Web Pages than that – 8 ways you can use SMS Web Pages.
We have already had heaps and heaps of you tell us your success stories with SMS Web Pages, none more so than Star Cars Birmingham, who received 11,200 clicks from a their SMS Web Page campaign. WOW – read all about it here.

SMS Web Pages - perfect landing page

However if you are still not up to speed on the whole SMS Web Pages vibe, then fear not as we have put together a nice little guide for you, telling you about anything and everything you need to know about SMS Web Pages.
From the why, to the who, to the how… This is the perfect little guide, to the perfect business mobile marketing tool.

SMS Web Page - perfect landing page