Win the World Cup with SMS

England are going to win the World Cup . . . Well we probably won’t – but it’s nice to dream!
With the World Cup coming up, now is the perfect time to do some World Cup related marketing. During a major event, be it the World Cup, Olympics, or Wimbledon, people always get involved in competitions and other related events, it is the perfect time to engage with your customers.
SMS can play a huge roll in engaging with customers and increasing your sales at the same time. With 90% of all messages being read within 3 minutes, there is no better marketing channel to communicate with customers instantly.
Below we have added a couple of things that you could do during the World Cup to increase your sales and brand awareness – and also have a little bit fun with your customers.
Send a special offer when England win
England win a game, people are happy, meaning people will more than likely make an impulse purchase. Sending your customers a special offer by SMS just after England win a game at the World Cup, is the perfect way to get some sales.
“ENGLAND WIN – We are so happy England have won a game we are giving you 30% off your next purchase. Visit and fill up your basket today!”
Get customers to text you
Use SMS to create a competition and collect mobile numbers at the same time. You could get people to text WINNER followed by the country they think will win the world cup. Then at the end of the World Cup, out of those who chose correctly, select a winner.
win the world cup with SMS
You could then send an auto reply with a special offer in and ask customer to opt in to your marketing messages to receive more special offers.
“As a thank you for entering our competition use code WC20 to get 20% off your next purchase. To continue getting our marketing messages, reply YES to 88802”
This would mean you not only get people interacting with your business, you would get some customers purchasing from you and even some people opting in to your future marketing messages – a win, win, win.
The exact same process could be done for the top scorers or player of the tournament – or when England will be knocked out of the World Cup
Run a World Cup sale
The simplest way to integrate the World Cup into your marketing plan is to run a sale during the World Cup.
win the world cup with SMS 2
A few different ways you could incorporate England and the World Cup into your sales:
– Increase sale by 5% every time England win a game
– The day England are playing increase your sale by 10%
– If England win the world cup increase your sale by 20% for a few days
– Every goal England score you add a prize into a bundle that people could win at the end of the tournament
Send SMS marketing messages before the big games
Specifically for takeaways, send an SMS message out a couple of hours before each England game. You know that thousands of people will be watching it and more than likely want to have a few snacks and things to eat, so this is the perfect time to get those orders in prior to the game.
These are just a few ideas that you could use during the 2018 World Cup. If you want to discuss any SMS ideas with us, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we would be more than happy to help you with your World Cup relates SMS campaigns.