Example SMS Web Pages for retailers

Vincent van Gough, Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo… These great artists never had any trouble creating masterpieces. It comes as natural to them as sending SMS does to us. But sadly, we can’t all be artists who with a flick of a brush, create a masterpiece.
Sometimes creativity doesn’t come as naturally to some as it does to others, and for those who aren’t a grandmaster artist, or don’t have someone in your office who is a creative genius, we know it can be hard to think of brilliant eye-catching designs.
With our SMS Web Pages feature you can create a bespoke landing page, include big bright images, extra text and a call to action. All to entice your customer to buy or take action.

64% of women who shop for apparel on a mobile device say images influence their purchasing decisions (Source: Google)

When creating an SMS Web Page there are few things you need to think about and include on your page, very much like an SMS, and without these key things it will fail to entice your customers.
SMS web pages retailers best practice
Now for those of you who struggle to come up with ideas or just struggle to visualise their ideas, below we have added a couple of example SMS Web Pages just for retailers. Hopefully these will give you some ideas and help you to create your very own bespoke landing page and entice your customers to buy from you.
SMS Web Page examples
Sell a product
The best way to sell a product is visually. Have you ever seen a pizza on TV and all you want that evening is a pizza? So by including a couple of images of the item you are trying to sell, a little description of it, and call to action where they can buy it, you will get a great return.
Sell a product landing page
Promote a sale
Whether it’s a summer sale, winter sale, Black Friday sale, or just a flash sale, SMS Web Pages is perfect for promoting your sale. Simply add details of your sale, a nice big image and a call to action, send this to all your customers at the beginning and towards the end of the sale.
Promote a sale landing page
We hope these examples have helped you create a great landing page. But if you would just prefer one of our design team to create you your very own SMS Web Page, please get in contact with us and we can give you a bespoke quote.
And remember when you do send your SMS campaign and include your landing page, make sure you send it at the right time. Sending at the wrong time can hugely decrease the chance of a sale.