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Campus Living Villages speed up collecting customer feedback with SMS Surveys

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Campus Living Villages is a global student accommodation provider with over 14,000 beds in the UK across 13 cities. Helping students find great accommodation in convenient locations ready for when they start university.

They wanted to find out how happy their UK residents were at the end of their stay and what they thought about them. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing exactly what your customers are thinking, which would be the perfect superpower for businesses. However, there is a way that you can find out exactly what your customers think quickly and easily. In steps SMS surveys.

Campus Living Villages decided to use SMS Surveys to gain quality feedback and help improve their service.

We managed to grab 5 minutes with them and ask them a couple of questions on how they found SMS surveys. Here is what they said.

Campus living SMS survey

What did you use SMS surveys for?
“We used Text Marketer to survey our UK residents at the end of their stay to determine the level of overall customer satisfaction, ensuring we continue to deliver a high-quality student experience year after year.”

How does SMS compare to other communication channels you’ve previously used?
“SMS was much quicker to both script the questions and in getting responses back. Being a self-service option, it also allowed us to hugely reduce costs and have full control over the entire process.”

What were your main reasons for choosing an SMS survey campaign over a normal internet based survey?
“We were up against a tight deadline and choosing SMS gave us the opportunity to create a succinct effective survey method to gain large amounts of insight pretty much immediately after hitting send.”

What were your results from your SMS survey campaign? response rate? delivery rates? Any Stats and figures you could share?
“We received responses from 1,080 customers at an overall response rate of 17%, falling in line with our usual amount of response but without the usual marketing around the survey and in a fraction of the time usually spent on the campaign.”

Would you recommend it to other businesses?
“We would recommend SMS surveys to other businesses which require quick reliable insight at a low price.”


If like Campus Living Villages you want to gain vital insight into your customers and gain feedback quickly, then SMS Surveys are for you. With costs per SMS from as little as 1.8p, why not sign up to a free SMS account and get feedback from your customers today.

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