Top 10 SMS marketing blogs of 2018

Well 2018 was a big year wasn’t it? With GDPR the big talking point of the year, the mighty England getting to the semi-finals of the World Cup, and a huge Black Friday, it really was all hands-on-deck for businesses in 2018.

The mighty mobile phone again continued to grow with a staggering 5.6 billion mobile phone users worldwide in 2018. Most of this growth is attributed to the increasing popularity of smartphones, where in 2014, 38% of mobile phone users were using a smartphone, and in 2018 this reached 50%.

With the increased popularity of mobile phones, it was inventible that there would be an increase in the popularity of the number one communication tool, SMS. Here at Text Marketer, we continued to see new and old businesses signing up and using SMS who have never used SMS before.

With SMS still as popular as ever, we continued to create great SMS related content throughout 2018 that were aimed at helping business communicate better with customers, keep existing customers happy, and helping businesses grow.

We knew they were great because of the amazing response and views we got on them. Which is why we have put together a list of the 10 most popular SMS marketing blogs of 2018. Have a read and see what trends there were throughout the year with our top 10 SMS post below.

1. What you need to know about GDPR when using Mobile Marketing
There is no surprise what takes the number 1 spot is probably the most talked about subject in 2018, GDPR. It was a hot topic throughout the year with businesses worrying over how they were going to contact their customers post GDPR. We now know that for most businesses it hasn’t really affected them, and everything is now back to normal.

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The basis of GDPR

2. Example marketing text messages for takeaways and restaurants
It can be hard to think of a great message to send your customers and entice them to eat with you rather than dining at another restaurant. Which is why we put together a list of brilliant example text messages that restaurants and takeaways can use to send to their customers.

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Example marketing text messages

3. What is SMS marketing?
There will always be new businesses popping up, meaning there will be new people who have never heard of SMS marketing before. We wanted to let everyone know exactly what SMS marketing is, how it can be used, and why businesses love it.

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What is sms marketing

4. The best time to send your Black Friday SMS marketing campaigns
Just like in our 2017 most popular blogs, our in-depth research on when the best time to send SMS was extremely popular. This time we took it one step further, and because we know how important Black Friday is for businesses, we looked through a whole load of data to find the best time and days to send your SMS campaigns was during November.

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Best time to send sms campaign black friday

5. Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 predictions
For the past few years, we have made a prediction on what the sales figures will be on Black Friday. The first 2 years we were close and decided to continue the trend and make a prediction for what the UK would spend in 2018 over Black Friday.

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Black Friday 2018 predictions

6. Everything you need to know to succeed this Black Friday
This is our 3rd and final Black Friday post that made it into our top 10, which just shows how popular Black Friday was. This Black Friday post gives businesses a few handy tips on how to succeed during Black Friday and includes a whole load of stats and facts to show how amazing Black Friday is.

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People want offers via sms

7. How to win back customers with SMS
No matter the business, losing a customer can be devastating, so being able to win these customers back easily with SMS is ideal. Which is exactly what SMS can do, and why we created a blog on how to win lost customers back with SMS.

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cost of new customer over retaining existing one

8. Win the World Cup with SMS
The World Cup was the biggest event of the year which was helped by the fact England had a real go and made it to the semi-finals. With any major event comes a great opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and make a few extra sales. Which is why we created a post on how using SMS during the World Cup could help your business.

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example world cup sms competition

9. 5 tips for the best text to win campaign
During 2018 we noticed a lot of customers wanting to run a text to win campaign and we were being asked the best practice for it. We wanted to give businesses the best start to their text to win campaign and created a post on that exact subject. Once this went live we saw a huge increase in businesses running their own successful text to win campaigns.

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example text to win competition

10. Why MMS is dead and has been for some time
Our final post to sneak into the top 10 blogs of 2018 was our post on MMS, why it never really took off and is now dead and buried. MMS has been around for years, but with new technology being capable of doing exactly what MMS can do and more, was there a need for it anymore? Or should we just lay it to rest?

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mms vs sms comparison

There were some other fantastic blogs that we created in 2018, and we hope that all our blogs helped you in some way. We will continue to create in-depth and helpful SMS marketing blogs to help businesses of all shapes and sizes grow in 2019. So keep an eye out for all our blogs in 2019.