Text Marketer is part of Commify Group

We just thought you might like to know that there have been some administrative changes here at Text Marketer, but don’t worry, we are still here offering an amazing SMS service at a low cost.

Text Marketer we deliver you save

Text Marketer is part of a group of business messaging service providers called Commify. To simplify our legal structure, we renamed TextMarketer Limited to Commify UK Limited on 31st January 2019 with Companies House. At that point, Text Marketer Limited became a trading name of Commify UK Limited.

This has had no impact on the services our customers receive or the team who deliver those services; it simply means that invoices are now from Commify UK Limited trading as Text Marketer. All existing contracts remain valid – it is very much business as usual.

Public notices have been issued which list the various non-trading companies being wound up – and some customers have seen these notices and sought clarification that Text Marketer itself is not being wound up. It is not.

Text Marketer is alive and well 

Commify as a group works with over 45,000 companies across Europe and APAC; we employ close to 250 of the brightest minds in the industry, and have offices in the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Australia.

Our mission is to make business communication brilliant, and we are proud to be the number one provider of business messaging solutions in many parts of Europe.

You can find out more about Commify here; if you have any questions about this administrative change, please do get in touch.
Again we just thought you would like to know, we are still here, still low cost, and most importantly, still bright orange.