Why spring is the perfect time to connect with your customers

With the cold months of Winter behind us and the warm Summer air on the horizon, Spring really is the best time of the year.

During Spring we have the longest day of the year, the UK has 4 bank holidays, Easter weekend, school holidays, Mother’s and Father’s day, plus the clocks go forward. All this means consumers have more time on their hands to see friends, go on trips, but probably the most popular activity for us Brits . . . . Shopping.

We seem to take every possible opportunity to do a bit of shopping, so when there is more time in the day, the sun beaming down and a chance to go on a weekday, we will undoubtedly grab our wallets and purses and go on a shopping spree.

Spring time stats

To be able to capitalise on all the extra hours in the day and extra days off over Spring, we would recommend you take 3 very simple actions, which together will give you a huge boost over the Spring season.

3 simple activities to boost your Spring sales
Spring Sale – The best way to attract customers to your store is with a sale. Make sure your sale isn’t a really small percentage off, and run it for a few weeks. Making your sale last months will lose its effectiveness, you want to create a sense of urgency and not allow customers to think they have all the time in the world to take advantage of it.

SMS Campaigns – Send out multiple SMS campaigns to promote your sale. Your first SMS campaign should go out at the very start, with at least one more a few days before it ends, reminding customers it is the last chance for them to save money.

Competition – Everyone loves a competition and running one will increase engagement, which in turn means more people will see your sale and buy from you. You may even want to think about running an ‘in-store competition’, which would require people to come into your store to enter.

Use SMS Web Pages to improve your SMS campaigns
To help you with your sale and competition, why not try our completely free feature, SMS Web Pages. You can create a bespoke landing page and include images, extra information about your offer, and a call to action button.

By creating an SMS Web Page, you won’t have to include all the information of your sale or competition within the body of your text message, meaning you can keep it to 1 message length, saving you money.

Example text messages for your spring SMS campaigns
To help get up to speed as quickly as possible, we have created a few example text messages that you can use.

“Our Super Spring Sale is now on! Don’t miss our Spring Sale and get 30% off everything. Sale ends 21st June. For more info visit our website www.link.com”

“Put a spring in your step with our Spring Sale & Competition. Save 30% off all items and at the same time enter our competition where you can win 1 of 3 £100 vouchers. For more info click here www.link.com”

“Competition time! Want to be in with a chance of winning 1 of 3 £100 vouchers? Simply come into our store and play a little game. Store location here www.link.com”

If you would like any help setting up your SMS campaigns ready for your sale, call us or drop us an email and one of our expert team can help you.