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Example reminder messages to send to customers

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The human brain cannot hold an infinite amount of information, which means the appointment or booking they made with you is probably not high up on their list of things to remember. Which ultimately means it is something they will forget about, costing you time and money in the process.

Missed appointments are a real drain on businesses, with it reportedly costing the NHS a staggering £216m a year

Sending appointment reminders will not only reduce missed appointments, saving you money, but customers satisfaction will also increase as a result, making them feel like their booking is truly important to you, and you really don’t want them to miss it.

Simple SMS reminders are great, but by making them personal and including the customers name, date and time of appointment/booking, and any other information you think they would need, will really help drive fewer missed appointments.

Example reminder messages

The general SMS reminder messages we see going out are all around customers bookings or appointments, but these aren’t the only two types of activities that businesses can remind customers about. You can remind customers about taking their medicine, reminders how to stay healthy, to book MOT, car insurance, and phone contract renewal to name just a few. It really is an endless list.

To help you write your own reminder message we have created a whole bunch of sample SMS reminder messages that you can copy and adapt to your requirements.

Appointment reminder messages – doctors/opticians
“Don’t forget your doctor’s appointment at 10.30am today with Dr Smith. If you need to reschedule, please call the surgery on 0123 456 7890”

“We have you booked in for your eye appointment tomorrow at 1.30pm and didn’t want you to forget. To reschedule please fill out this form www.link.com”

Booking reminder messages – hotels
“We are looking forward to you staying with us on the 29th July until the 2nd of August at the Plaza Hotel. If you have any specific requirements, please fill out this form www.link.com”

“Hi Louis, your room is being prepared and will be ready for you to check in from 2:00pm tomorrow. If you require an earlier check in, please call us on 0123 456 7890 and an earlier check in time can be arranged.”

Booking reminder messages – restaurants
“Your table at Chez Nous for 6 people will be ready at 8.00pm. To see our menu, click the link www.link.com. We can’t wait to serve you some of our amazing food tonight”

“We don’t want you to forget about your booking and end up eat boring food tonight, so we are just reminding you of your 6.15pm booking at Scotts Food tonight”

Renewal reminder messages – car/phone
“Hi Bob, your car insurance is up for renewal on the 12/09/2019. We will send you a new renewal quote 2 weeks before, but if you would like a quote now, log into your account here www.link.com and click the ‘Request New Quote’ button”

“Because your phone is up for renewal on the 31/08/2019 we thought we would give you our best price on your current contract and show you some amazing upgrades. Too see these click the link and log into your account www.link.com”

Booking reminder messages – events
“Are you ready for the biggest and best festival ever? With only 1 week to go make sure you have everything you need by reading our checklist here link www.link.com”

“Thank you for registering for our Online Marketing Event tomorrow. Please arrive at 9.30am with the event starting at 10.00am. We look forward to seeing you”

To make a booking reminder messages – garage
“Your MOT is due on the 15/08/2019. To book an MOT please call us on 0123 456 7890 or book online at www.link.com”

“Remember to check your tires before any long journey and check your oil once a month. From your local friendly garage, Leos Motors”

To make a booking reminder messages – medical/health
“Hi Becky, remember to take your medicine today at 11.00pm. If you want to speak to a doctor about it, call us on 0123 456 7890”

“Sarah your daily task is to drink 6 glasses of water and eat no more than 1,900 calories. It is important to drink lots of water as this will help with digestion. Jane – Sports Nutritionist at Health Works”

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