The Sizzling Summer Sale from Text Marketer

After what seemed like a miserable start to the Summer, the sun has finally arrived and with the help of the sun, we thought we would brighten up your Summer and bring you our next SMS sale.

Named the Sizzling Summer Sale not only because of the heatwave that will be hitting the UK (fingers crossed) but because you can get 10% free credits which we think is quite sizzling . . . Also because like all our other sales, we like alliteration.

But don’t go into this sale thinking that because you aren’t planning on sending a campaign over the Summer, or as you already have a load of credits in your account, that you shouldn’t buy any more. No no no, that is the wrong way to think about it, because your credits won’t expire on live accounts you can top up now, ready for your next big send or just top up now and use them whenever you like – this is a great chance to grab some free credits.

Any purchase over 1,000 credits will receive an extra 10% SMS credits for free! – offer ends Saturday 31st August

To claim, forward your invoice to with the subject line Summer Sale – the offer CANNOT be used with any existing offer or discount, but can be used multiple times during the period.

Make sure you top up with some free credits and have a sizzling summer sale yourselves.