The proof business SMS is still alive, kicking and very much growing

“Isn’t SMS dead?”

A question that drives our sales team crazy and makes our marketers sad. Yet it is a question that we hear time and time again, and to those that know us and our love of SMS, every time we hear that dreaded question, it breaks our heart – but it also couldn’t be further from the truth.

We know SMS is amazing and works wonders for businesses, with more businesses everyday using SMS to send updates, delivery notifications, reminders, bulk sale messages, and generally using it to connect with their customers. Yet we still get asked . . .

“But isn’t SMS dead?”

Over the past few years to combat this and showcase the power of SMS we have created blogs showing all the creative ways businesses are using SMS to connect with their customers, the effectiveness of SMS marketing, and even our own survey to see if businesses still think SMS marketing works in today’s modern world. Yet still . . .

“But isn’t SMS dead?”

Knowing those posts aren’t enough, we went to Google and asked them . . . And they agree with us!

More people are showing an interest in SMS marketing globally, with the interest rate on Google Trends increasing year on year by 3.3% from 2016 to 2018, with that looking to increase a further 5.4% in 2019 based on the interest shown so far (Source: Google Trends).

Yet still, even with Google in our corner, we know what people will ask.

“But isn’t SMS dead?”

Well enough is enough, we are determined to show you how SMS is still growing and will never stop! This time we delved into our own data to show you how more businesses are sending SMS every year.

We looked at how many messages are being sent out through our system, how many times we top 1 million messages a day, and on average how many messages customers send out a year. So, after this, we expect to hear . . . “WOW! I never knew how many text messages businesses were sending. I want to use in”