Simplicity, care, and low prices – 3 reasons why Text Marketer is the perfect choice

What a surprise, a post on our own website talking about how amazing we are.

Of course, we are going to advocate that we are the best SMS provider out there, it would be pretty foolish to say otherwise. This is why we understand that for those reading this post some may take it with a pinch of salt. However, we do think we are great.

Over the past few decades, yes decades, that Text Marketer has been around, we have seen more SMS providers than we can count pop up and then drop off a few years later. We can attribute the long-term success of Text Marketer down to 3 things; simplicity, care, and low prices.

Over the past 20 years that we have been trading, we have ensured that all our systems are user-friendly, that the care we give to all customers is first class, and that we continue to offer low-cost prices.

We are glad that our customers have also seen the effects of these 3 areas as well.

Let’s delve down and see how we have managed to keep thousands of customers happy with just 3 little things.

Simplicity – why make it complicated?

We have always strived to make everything as simple as possible. From sending a text message to thousands of customers, to buying SMS credits, both should be easy to do and take a matter of minutes, and both do with Text Marketer.

One of our favourite quotes on this subject is from Leonardo Da Vinci who said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

The easy use of our platform isn’t just the only area that we have looked at, we have simplified what we offer. We don’t overcomplicate our online SMS platform with more than you need, unlike some of our competitors who constantly add extra products and services that aren’t actually helpful to businesses.

A great example of this is with MMS, a service that has been dead in the water for years, yet we still other SMS providers offering this as a new feature along with other pointless features.

What our customer say on simplicity

“Very user friendly dashboard and super simple to use. Great introductory offer too!”

“Simple, easy-to-use interface that’s no-fuss, to allow you to get your message out as quickly and as easily as possible.”

“Simple to use and implement into our systems.  Easy ordering and invoice access, great to deal with.”

Care – a truly caring team

One of the reasons we have been so successful is the care we give to every single customer, taking our time to help and advice as best as we can. We have (again another boost) the best support team here who are always happy to help, which is why we have the best score on Trustpilot against other SMS providers.

What our customers say on care

“Helpful, speedy and personal customer service”

“Best customer support. Swift and polite. Thank you, Megan, you are a star!”

“Excellent service, and good customer service too. Customer service is the number 1 priority for me and TM nail it”

Low prices – why pay more?

And of course, we couldn’t finish the list without mentioning our low prices. Our prices have always been low and will continue to stay that way. We don’t think it should cost you thousands of pounds to contact a few customers.

But even though our standard price per SMS is low, we still want to give you more, which is why we have a Double Credits Offer, that takes the price per from 3.6p to 1.8p for all new customers. On top of this, we regularly have SMS sales thought out the year where we will give you free SMS credits.

What our customers say on price

“Easy to use API and web portal, and most important, cheapest prices I’ve found on the web”

“Good price & just received 20% extra free SMS credits!”

“Excellent – Great Price”

If you would like to see how amazing and easy to use our online SMS platform is, why not sign up for a free account and get 10 free credits to trial the platform, with absolutely no obligation to continue afterwards.