Summer sports event calendar – SMS and sporting events, a match made in heaven

For any major sporting event or just a big game, we know that just before and even during is the perfect time to send a text message promoting your takeaway. Sports fans will be getting ready to watch their team and nothing goes better whilst watching sport than a few snacks and drinks.

But it isn’t just food outlets that can benefit from sports events, we also know that for those who are watching the event, they will be messaging their friends about it, and those who are stuck at work, they will be checking the results online. Both using our favourite little device, the mobile phone.

This all means that when sporting events are on, the UK public will have their mobile phones within arm’s reach at all times and will be checking it constantly. So, promoting your sale just before and during football, rugby, cricket, or any sporting event, is the perfect time to do so. As when that phone ‘bings’ with your message, your customers will check it immediately.

Therefore, when there is a whole Summer and even Autumn packaged with major sporting events, you know the whole of the UK will be packed around their TV’s – perfect for some well times SMS campaigns.

To help you get on top of what sporting events are happening we have put together a handy Summer sporting calendar showcasing the major sports events this Summer and Autumn. All these sporting events provide businesses with the perfect opportunity to message customers.