Retailers scoring high on customer service with the help of SMS

Customer service and experience have never been more important. In a world where business reputation and service is so exposed, they need to make sure they provide excellent customer service otherwise they will lose customers.

Social media and customer review websites like TrustPilot, mean that any happy or unhappy customers can easily and quickly vent or express their opinions about a business to the whole world in a simple click of a button. Praise and good reviews can really help position a business above its competition, complaints and bad reviews can really damage a business.

But it is not only the ease at which customers can leave reviews that retailers need to think about, customer expectations are also rising and they are expecting and demanding more.

As customers are dealing with major retailers like Apple and Amazon amongst others, they are getting used to receiving a high level of service and experience, and now all other retailers, no matter how big or small, are expected to provide that level of service.

But improving your customer service and experience doesn’t necessarily mean more staff.

Improving your customer service doesn’t necessarily have to be massively costly, retailers are achieving some amazing results just by communicating with their customers. And they are doing so through SMS.

SMS is the now the preferred method communication for many, it’s quick and it’s convenient, making it the perfect solution. 

Retail SMS

SMS has been a retailer’s best friend for many years now, it is fantastic at getting in sales and engaging customers. With a 98% open rate, SMS marketing produces amazing results, when a retailer has new products or a sale on, send out an SMS marketing campaign and watch the sales roll in.

But you shouldn’t be just sending your customers a message when you have got a sale on. To provide excellent customer service, you need to keep your customers updated and give them confidence that they have made the right choice in parting with their hard-earned cash with you.

Send them an SMS message to thank them and confirm that you have received their order 

This will give customers confidence in your business, customers like to be kept updated, particularly if they have parted with their own money.

Send a message to let them know their package is out for delivery 

Let your customers know that you have sent their order, again keeping your customers in the loop about their order is always good.

Send personal recommendations 

Make your customers feel special, and you will turn your customers into brand advocates. Take note of their purchases and send them personal SMS messages with recommendations and things they might like. If they have recently bought a suit from you, why not send them a message with a link to your range of ties or formal shirts?

Send them personal offers

Your customers will feel extra special if you send them personalised VIP special offers, maybe a Birthday offer? Maybe a brighten your Monday offer or celebratory payday offer? Build up a personal relationship with your customers so they feel special and become a loyal customer.

SMS is amazing for retailers, but not just in marketing and sales, it also helps them keep in contact with their customers and improve their customer service and experience. So if you are a retailer and would like to know more about SMS, get in touch today or sign up for your free account today.