How to send your first SMS marketing campaign

Sending your first SMS marketing campaign and message can be a little daunting, but it shouldn’t be. Brands and businesses all over the world, big and small, from all sectors are sending out SMS marketing campaigns every single minute of the day and receiving amazing results.

SMS marketing has been the secret weapon of many businesses that they have tried to keep under wraps and away from their competition, but the success stories and amazing stats have been too good to keep quiet and leaked out.

SMS marketing

If you haven’t started your mobile marketing exploits yet, you are a little late to the party, but better late than never!

First off you need to choose an SMS provider, there are several out there in the UK. Of course make sure you take a look at the prices of their messages, also make sure they use Tier 1 Direct Network Connections. This means that your message will not leave the UK and it will be sent straight to the networks, grey routes will mean your message and data will leave the UK and then be sent back, which means your delivery of messages could be delayed and in some cases not delivered at all.

Also take a look at their online SMS platform, is it easy to use? Has it got some nice useful features? Can you track the results of your campaigns? Nothing worse than a complicated platform with no features to help you.

Last thing is check their reviews, see what their customers say about them, platforms like TrustPilot mean that businesses can’t hide reviews, so checkout their business profile. What are their customers saying about their customer service?

Next, get your customer database organised. Collect your customers’ mobile numbers asking them to opt-in to your mobile marketing reward scheme, one of the best times to do this at the checkout of your store or website. 

We then move onto the message itself, make sure there is a reason behind the message you are sending, don’t just send messages for the sake of it, that’s a sure way to annoy your customers. Have you got a sale on? Have you got a new range of products in? Give them a discount, make them feel like they are a valued customer and getting value you from being opted into your mobile marketing messages.

Most important thing is to test, test and test again. Send yourself the message, send the message to colleagues and friends. Have you checked the spelling? Do they understand the message? Do they know who it is from? Do all your links work?

Why not try send your mobile marketing to a small batch of customers first?

Last but not least, do make sure you think about the day and timing of your message. This can make a huge difference to the success or failure of your campaign. Think about the content of your message and what your customers will be doing when they receive it, will they be interested at that point of the day?

And then press send!

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SMS marketing is simple, effective and can return amazing results. So why not start your SMS marketing adventure today, sign up here for your free SMS marketing account. And if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.