Never too early to prepare for Black Friday

We know, it’s unbelievably that time of year again, it’s coming up to Black Friday. The biggest and best sales period of the year, the sales phenomenon that sends everyone into a complete purchasing frenzy! And we have good reason to think that this year could be even bigger!

Every year the Black Friday sales increase and get bigger and better, and in a quest to grab more sales, it seems that retailers launch their Black Friday sales a little earlier, and leave them running a little longer every year. 

This year, Black Friday falls on the last Friday of the month, Friday 29th November.

Which means this year’s Black Friday falls on pay day! Which could be a huge monumental boost for retailers and make this Black Friday EVEN BIGGER!!

Every year customers are ready, waiting and on the hunt for the best Black Friday deals, they are actively searching for offers – they want to hear from you.

Whether they are on the lookout for some personal treats, and why not!? Or thinking ahead and looking to buy some Christmas presents, November is the perfect time to be sending out messages to your customers.

The early bird catches the worm.

Now, we are in no way suggesting that you start your Black Friday campaign now, that would be silly. However we do suggest you start to think about how you are going to approach Black Friday, start to plan everything, get your graphics ready, think about your offers, and think about when you are going to send your SMS messages.

98% of all messages are read, and 95% of messages are read within the first 90 seconds. (Source: Gartner)

The timing of your SMS messages is really important, so think about the days you are going to send your SMS messages on and also the time. Most retailers are now running their Black Friday deals for 2 weeks, so we would suggest sending an SMS campaign at the start of your Black Friday offer, the Monday of Black Friday week, and also on Black Friday itself.

But don’t forget Cyber Monday!

This year Cyber Monday strangely falls into December. With Black Friday falling on payday, it could be a bumper weekend and Monday of sales to capitalise on.

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If you would like to ask any questions about how you can make the most out of Black Friday, or you would like to know more about SMS Web Pages, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Sign up for your free SMS marketing account here.