Our predictions for Black Friday 2019

It’s that time of year again where we look at the previous few years statistics and we rack our brains trying to predict what Black Friday and Cyber Monday could look like in 2019.

We’re getting pretty good at it. In 2017 we predicted that UK shoppers would spend £8.7 billion and even though we overshot it, the final figure turned out to be £8 billion! So how did we do last year?

Well we predicted:

  • £9.2 billion Total 4-day Black Friday Weekend
  • £1.7 billion online sales on Black Friday
  • £1.5 billion online sales on Cyber Monday

And in some of these, we were very close.

With online sales booming…

£1.49 billion online sales Black Friday 2018 ncrease of 7.3% from 2017

What feels like a four-day sale weekend is now a week-long bonanza with 67% of all discounts being offered from the Monday before presenting businesses with more opportunity to take advantage of shoppers looking around for the best deals.

Perhaps the best and most exciting news from last year is that 

“the first time ever mobile phones were the preferred method of shopping, with 56 per cent of all online transactions made via a smartphone”

With this news, you would have to be a fool to not consider sending an SMS campaign, after all, your customers are already going to be on their mobile phones looking for the best deals. Take this opportunity to let them know that you have got a great offer for them.

We predict that £2 billion will be spent online during Black Friday in 2019 and that mobile traffic will account for a large percentage of this!

By sending customers a text message which boasts a high open rate of 98%, you can almost guarantee your message is read. Including a link to your site in the body of your message drives further traffic to your website, making SMS a cheap way of getting your customers attention and engaging with them. We’ve got lots of tips to help you write the perfect message.

If you haven’t already got an SMS account, make sure you don’t miss out on millions of shoppers looking for great deals and sign up with an account today and start your Black Friday campaign the right way, with SMS marketing.