Example SMS Web Pages for a thoughtful festive greeting

So it may be a little colder and a little darker but as we approach the festive period, cheese is more readily available, the sequins are making a daily appearance and perhaps most importantly, the Costa Christmas menu is in full swing. So it’s safe to say, you’ll not find any bah humbugs at Text Marketer HQ.  

Now, we know how important this time of year is to businesses; retailers and restaurateurs in particular and we also know just how many of your competitors are contacting their customers, pushing for those all important sales. So, how do you stand out from the crowd?

“Emotion is what really drives the purchasing behaviours, and also, decision making in general.” – Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Professor. 

If we know emotion drives purchasing behaviours, then it’s emotion and meaningful connection that will ultimately get customers across the line. And for this, our SMS Web Pages can be a great tool, to send a thoughtful festive greeting.

With our SMS Web Pages feature you can create a bespoke landing page, include beautiful images, additional text and a call to action. But it’s not just that these are more ‘showy’ than the humble SMS, though it’s definitely the season for it; a recent study by Forbes reported that 91% of consumers prefer visuals over text-based content.

Now as an early Christmas present from us to you, we’ve created a few example SMS Web Pages for retailers and restaurateurs. These will hopefully spark some ideas of how your business can approach a mobile marketing campaign, hitting all the right notes.

Examples of SMS Web Pages for the festive season

Pull on the heart strings

This time of year is all about making moments with loved ones. So use your campaign to showcase how your products and services can really enhance the occasion and make making memories, that little bit easier. 

Reward loyalty

It’s important to remember that heading into January, customers will be offered many deals from various businesses and will likely be sporting purse strings that are a little shorter; so make sure whatever you send is worth their while – especially for individuals registered on your loyalty program. 

We hope these examples have inspired you to create a great SMS Web Page and mobile marketing campaign, signing off with a final tip – timing is everything!