We’re seeing 2020 – A look back on our top performing blogs of 2019

Happy New Year and happy 2020!

The festivities may have drawn to a close but right now, we’re simply celebrating the fact that we’re still on the good side of January. The one where new year resolutions are still in place and we’re all feeling a little nostalgic. 

So before we hit the January blues and the realisation that a daily 5am alarm, may not actually turn us into the next Bill Gates; we thought we’d share our top 10 performing blogs from 2019. Get those ideas flowing with some of our best content from the past year.

Eye test style poster with title top 10 from 2019

Let the countdown commence:

10. Proof that business SMS is still alive, kicking and very much growing

Every so often we have someone ask – “Isn’t SMS dead?” and the simple answer is no. Not at all. But to add a little more weight and prove it’s not just our bias, we dug into our platform data and pulled the stats. 

9. Example SMS Web pages for food outlets

Let’s be honest, you see pizza, you want pizza. This post is a great example of how our SMS landing pages can be used to boost sales in the food outlet industry. 

8. How businesses can build their own mobile solution for less

A mobile solution needs to allow businesses to communicate with their customers, allow customers to connect with the business, quickly collect feedback and provide multiple ways to collect customer information. This blog details how SMS can assist with each of these 4 key areas. 

7. Different methods for sending SMS 

There are 3 ways that businesses of all shapes and sizes can send SMS. You can send bulk messages using an online platform, easily have a conversation with your customers using Email2SMS, and hook up your CRM, website, or software, so you can send SMS messages automatically with an API. Each option will suit some businesses better than others and this blog provides a great overview of each, so you can make an informed decision. 

6. The 4 best call to actions to use in your SMS marketing messages 

Every campaign needs a strong and simple call to action for customers to follow to ensure it is a success. This post details the top four calls to action for SMS marketing messages. 

5. 4 reasons why customers stop using the Text Marketer ship

This post started as a challenge to fit in as many ship related puns as possible and ended up, addressing the 4 main reasons why businesses stop using Text Marketer. All in all, it is a great read on why SMS and Text Marketer are the right fit for you and your business and really, who doesn’t appreciate a pun?!

4. The consumer shopping journey – how mobile phones have changed the landscape for retailers

At Text Marketer, we’re proud to provide SMS solutions to hundreds of retailers and this piece highlights some really interesting stats and views on the importance of mobile, in the changing shopping landscape. 

3. Example reminder messages to send to customers

Missed appointments are a real issue for businesses and sometimes you can be a little too close to the problem. So this post is great for any individual that needs a more concrete idea of exactly what to send to their customers and clients, in a bid to keep missed appointments to a minimum.  

2. How to extract a mobile number from a cell containing text in Excel

Okay, confession time – this post was actually first and whilst we’re thrilled it’s helping you all, our ego couldn’t take the hit so we’ve placed it second… don’t tell anyone. Perfect for anyone wanting a step-by-step guide on how to extract a mobile number from a cell containing text in Excel, see what we did there. 

1. The SMS marketing best practice guide

We’re thrilled this post has received the most *wink* traffic! It’s a brief overview of tips and knowledge we’ve learnt over the years, compiled to ensure you make the most of your SMS campaigns. 

Thanks for joining us down nostalgia lane, we hope some of this content proves useful. As ever, if you have any ideas for topics you’d like to see, simply contact us at info@textmarketer.co.uk