Why Valentine’s day can give your sales a boost

As we all know February is the shortest month which means we can have a lot to achieve and not a lot of working days to achieve it in. As a business, you still have to meet targets and forecasted figures and luckily is one holiday that can help you reach your business goals – Valentine’s day.

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying it’s a commercial success. Over the last few years, the UK has upped its game on gift-giving spending over £650 million (Mintel) and the highest spenders are men!

But what are we spending our money on?

Well restaurants benefit the most as couples spend the day, evening or weekend dining out, followed by hotels and accommodation for a romantic getaway, closely followed by florists as orders for bouquets go through the roof.

But it’s not all about those happy couples, there are plenty of ways to the might mobile phone is helping singles find each other too. Online dating continues to make waves with 5% of users feeling dating apps allowed them to feel more comfortable and to be themselves in dating scenarios, plus a lucky 46% of dating app users met their current partner online! (Figleaves)

Luckily we’re not just using our phones to match (or break up) with each other. Media IQ state that over 25% of us use our phones to buy presents, while 17.8% rely on their phones to make a dinner reservation or for a hotel booking (17.2%).

Astonishingly 46% of singles had never broken up with someone in person, but online or via texting.

Whether you are a restauranteur, a retailer, a travel agent, or even a zoo – whatever sector your business sits in, sending a Valentine’s Day message to your customers promoting your business might just be the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.

Or why not just tell your customers how much you love them…

“Happy Valentine’s Day… To show you how much you mean to us we are giving you 20% off with the code LOVE”