How to use SMS web pages to communicate during a crisis

Everything from a cyber attack, to something as seemingly simple as an office power cut, is a potential threat and crisis situation to a business. Clearly, it isn’t possible to prepare for every eventuality. But whatever type of crisis or emergency you are facing, there is no doubt that with the right tools, you can position your business for effective disaster recovery. As time is often precious in these situations, it is necessary to choose simple but powerful tools and this is where an SMS Web Page can be really useful. SMS Web Pages are simple mobile landing pages, which are both easy and quick to create. Once created they can be sent to all relevant parties via SMS.

3 steps to communicate in a crisis, using an SMS Web Page

Whether there is an internal business emergency, or a national crisis, it is vital to act as quickly and efficiently as possible. Your business needs to ensure that all information is sent to recipients immediately. An SMS Web Page can be created in just 3 steps and host a wide range of content including: text, images, a call to action with links to another site, meaning that this is a really effective way to convey information to recipients in an emergency.

The steps to creating an SMS Web Page are as follows:

  1. Select your template: simply select a layout template from the options available. 
  2. Upload your images and write your text: add the necessary text and images, for example your company logo. You can then change the background and font colour and size. 
  3. Preview your web page and send!: once created, preview the page and make sure all of the information is clear and easy to understand. Once happy, click to send the campaign. 

Internal communication during a crisis via SMS Web Pages

During a crisis it is crucial that you communicate with your employees, to ensure everyone is updated as the situation unfolds. You can send an email, but it may go unread for hours or even days, especially if sent outside normal working hours. With SMS, your message is sent via a channel in which 90% of all messages read within just 3 minutes. But in some situations, it may be difficult to convey the information within the SMS character limitations and your message may require imagery to better illustrate points or even calls to action employees must follow. It is in these situations that an SMS Web Page can be particularly effective. Your landing page can be used in the following ways: 

  • To communicate the crisis and provide explanation
  • To notify individuals of changes in working hours and methods
  • To share rules of conduct
  • Keep employees updated as a situation unfolds
  • To request information from employees, for example, ask them to fill in an emergency form

External communication during a crisis via SMS Web Pages

Just as it is crucial to update staff, it is also vital to update customers during a crisis. You must notify your customers of any actions your business is taking and how this may impact them in both the short and long term. SMS facilitates rapid communication and when combined with a landing page, allows you to give all the necessary information in a clear format. In particular, it allows you to advise of:

  • Sudden closings or different opening times
  • New services active in emergency situations
  • Scheduled event cancellations
  • Price policies, active behavior in emergency situations
  • Collect the data of those who want to use a remote service because they are unable to move

The importance of communicating well in a crisis 

The reality is, all businesses need to communicate well in a crisis; but especially those within the healthcare, education and the public sectors, as individuals will be turning to these organisations for immediate guidance. During these times it is necessary to communicate in a timely and complete manner and just a few examples of these comms are as follows: 


Can use SMS Web Pages to communicate the hygiene rules to be followed if a health-related emergency is underway, or they can activate online counseling services and use the landing pages to collect the contacts of those who want to activate this service remotely.

Public sector

Could send instructions to citizens regarding the most up-to-date rules of conduct and ask to share the link to the landing page, so it reaches as many people as possible. 


Additionally, organisations in the education sector, will likely need to communicate with parents and teachers, to advise on potential lesson suspensions and provide details of an online lesson calendar, if this service is provided.

Finally, banks, supermarkets and pharmacies also have a lot to gain by implementing SMS Web Pages. These web pages could be used to convey basic rules to follow in the event of a crisis, how to use services in the event of an emergency and perhaps most importantly, for pharmacies they could be used to organise prescriptions and thus avoid overcrowding.

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