Black Friday sale! 20% extra credits FREE

Black Friday 2020 Sale - Get 20% Extra SMS for Free

Black Friday 2020 is set for November 27th, and it is predicted to be an even larger commercial event than previous years. Given that 2019 saw sales soar, Barclaycard reporting a 7.2% increase in overall volume and 16.2% increase in transaction value – more people were buying and they were spending more; it’s safe to say that Black Friday promises to be a huge opportunity for businesses.

Furthermore, given that 67.2% of all online shopping occurs on mobile, and that in 2019 the order rate achieved with an SMS campaign was nearly 7 times that of a email email campaign, it’s fair to say that Black Friday is largely a mobile affair.

So, to help our Text Marketer family make the most of this opportunity, we have put together a video of our recent webinar – Black Friday masterclass. Which not only includes tips and advice on send times and content, but also has a full demo of how to organise an SMS web page campaign. Because, well, sometimes brands want something a little fancier than the humble SMS. And…

… we’re running our famous Black Friday sale! As the extra credits can go a long way in making your campaign a success. Afterall, a follow-up campaign as a reminder message, could help make sure that your message is making an impact amongst the noise.

Introducing our Black Friday offer – 20% free SMS credits on every top-up*.

Any purchase *between 1,000 – 250,000 credits made between Wednesday 28th October – Cyber Monday 30th November will receive an extra 20% SMS credits for free!

So, the more SMS credits you purchase, the more we will give you completely free – it really is that simple.

To claim, forward your invoice to with the header BLACKFRIDAY – the offer can be used multiple times during the period, on message bundles of up to 250,000 but CANNOT be used with any existing offer or discount.

If you wish to purchase message bundles larger than 250,000, discounts may be available, simply contact our sales team for details.

Please see our T&Cs for more information.