Win with mobile marketing for Euro 2020

Key dates, ideas and templates for campaigns that businesses can run during Euro 2020, to help boost sales and brand awareness.

Postponed due to the pandemic, the Euro 2020 tournament finally kicks off later this week! Hailed as a mobile mega-event, matches will be hosted in a number of stadiums across Europe. 

With an estimated live audience of 5 billion over the month-long event, now is the perfect time for some Euro 2020 inspired marketing. Afterall, with many individuals getting involved in UEFA inspired competitions and related events, it’s a great opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers. 

It is estimated that people pick up their mobile phone an average of 58 times per day, making SMS a great way for businesses to engage with their customers and boost those all important sales. With an open rate of 95% and 90% of text messages being read within just 3 minutes, the speed and reach of SMS makes it a highly effective marketing channel. 

With this in mind, below we have detailed a few campaign ideas and templates that brands can use during the Euro 2020 tournament, to not only increase sales but also improve brand awareness. We’ve also included that all important match calendar to ensure you don’t miss any dates!

Euro 2020 campaign ideas and templates

Illustration with football and trophy to represent Euro 2020 tournament

Bulk marketing campaigns prior to big matches

With restrictions easing and the UK finally enjoying some sunshine, bulk sms marketing could prove particularly valuable for restaurants and bars throughout the tournament. This is particularly true in the run up to the England games and other high profile matches.  Consequently, restaurants and bars could encourage customers to book tables and even offer Euro 2020 food and drink packages for pre-order. With interest likely to be high around these key times, sending customers a quick SMS reminder in advance of their reservation can help reduce no-shows and ensure your business can successfully run at full capacity.

Moreover, offering a takeaway service has been a great saviour for the hospitality industry during the pandemic. While the UK still functions under some form of restrictions, many spectators will opt to enjoy the matches from the comfort of their own home, this is the perfect opportunity for businesses to capitalise on their established takeaway services and send timely Euro 2020 promotions and meal deals directly to your customers’ mobile phone. 

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Special offers and promotions

One of the simplest ways to integrate Euro 2020 into your marketing strategy, is to offer various discounts throughout the tournament. Businesses could even have a little fun with this, offering additional discounts following an England win, for example.

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Build SMS marketing lists

Businesses can also run simple competitions to promote customer engagement and boost SMS marketing opt-ins. For example, businesses could ask customers to text WINNER followed by the country they think will win Euro 2020 to a Virtual Mobile Number. Once Euro 2020 has finished, those who sent in the correct country could be entered into a prize draw and an ultimate winner selected. 

Furthermore, by adding an auto reply text to all competition entries, businesses can ask individuals if they’d like to opt in to receive future marketing messages and special offers – thus continuing to build an engaged and receptive audience for your messages. As SMS benefits from click through rates of 19% vs email’s 4.2%, it can be a very effective communication channel for delivering marketing messages to consumers. So using Euro 2020 as an opportunity to grow your business’s SMS marketing list, could prove worthwhile. 

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Euro 2020: 2021 Match Calendar

Euro 2020: 2021 match calendar

If you’d like any help organising or creating your own Euro 2020 campaigns, or indeed customer communications more generally, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0117 205 0202 or email